Teaching at the Neue Schule Dorsten

Good teaching is the central task of a school and depends on various factors.

What do scientific studies say?

In a widely acclaimed study, John Hattie* identified various influencing factors that have a decisive impact on the quality of teaching. We work on the basis of these findings at the Neue Schule Dorsten.

The study clearly shows that the following influencing factors have a positive effect:

  • a balanced alternation of social forms (frontal teaching, individual, partner and group work)
  • a constructive working alliance between teacher and learning group in which there is agreement on clear rules and rights
  • efficient classroom management,
  • the activation of pupils in the teaching process
  • constructive support and feedback between teachers and children

Hattie also states that hardly anything is as important as the actions of the teacher.


Organising lessons at the new Dorsten school:

At the new Dorsten school, we are implementing these findings so that lessons for children are motivating, performance-enhancing and goal-orientated.

The didactic and methodological tools of a teacher are strengthened by agreed internal school curricula and selected for the respective class situation and the needs of the children. A democratic teaching culture in our school ensures mutual respect and appreciation, which are important for a positive learning atmosphere.

Team structures within the subject teachers of a year ensure comparable requirements and offer the opportunity to use differentiated tasks - depending on the child's performance level and leadership ability - in each class.

Our teachers work as a team and see themselves as a professional community, thus ensuring a high quality of teaching.

Which teaching concepts do we use to address children with different abilities?

Different children are taught at the Neue Schule Dorsten. In lessons, it will always be necessary to do justice to the different abilities. Measures of so-called "internal differentiation" ensure that nobody feels bored or overwhelmed in class:

Various teaching methods, the use of modern media and different work materials ensure that every child is given tasks that correspond to their current level of performance and with which they will achieve personal learning growth. Learning with all the senses allows pupils a personalised approach. Learning-related feedback makes the pupils active participants in their learning process.

*Hattie 2013: "Making learning visible"

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