On 21 August 2018, the time had come: the cooperation partners of Neue Schule Dorsten signed the cooperation agreements, which state that Gesamtschule Wulfen, Paul-Spiegel-Berufskolleg and Gymnasium Petrinum would like to work very closely together in the future.
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Preparations for the survey of parents in the 3rd and 4th grades of Dorsten's primary schools are in full swing. The parent survey will be launched following the parent information evenings. We look forward to your numerous participation and support.
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Preparations for the model rooms are on schedule. The ActiveBoard stands for modern, challenging and motivating lessons and puts an end to the "chalk era".
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At the Neue Schule Dorsten, every child can achieve the Abitur according to their talent and performance. The Neue Schule Dorsten works together with the upper schools of the Gesamtschule Wulfen, the Gymnasium Petrinum and the Paul-Spiegel-Berufkolleg on a contractual basis and in a professional educational exchange. For ...
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