Compulsory elective subject Turkish

Merhaba - Welcome!

Turkey is a popular holiday destination for many Germans. Turkish culture plays an important role in our environment and Turkish food is a favourite with many. Regardless of whether Turkish is your mother tongue or you are simply interested in Turkish culture. Anyone can take the course and speaking Turkish as a native speaker is not a prerequisite.

What is done in this subject?

This WP course enables you to learn Turkish using real-life topics such as everyday school life, hobbies, food and holidays. In this way, you will also get to know Turkish culture better. You may already know a lot that you can bring into our lessons - but even if you have no experience with the Turkish language or culture, you are welcome to learn lots of exciting and new things here.

How is work done - what is included in the assessment?

Grammar and vocabulary are worked on with the pupils in an age-appropriate context, which they then apply and practise together in small groups. An excursion is organised at least once every six months so that pupils can also apply their knowledge outside of school. Together with the active participation in lessons, the practical projects and the written work are important foundations for the performance assessment. In Turkish, 2 assignments are written per semester.

Which students should choose the subject?

The subject is aimed at pupils:

  • who are interested in new languages
  • who are willing to learn vocabulary and new grammar
  • who are interested in Turkish culture and traditions
  • who enjoy partner and group work
  • who are willing to learn a new language by practising and using it

The promotion of language and multilingualism is becoming increasingly important in an education system. Turkish is a language of encounter that can be used outside of school. WP Turkish has the same importance as the other foreign languages that are also offered at our school. Turkish is completed at our school so that it is recognised as a required second foreign language for the upper school.

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