The New School Dorsten

Welcome to the Neue Schule Dorsten! A place where education at the highest level is achieved and pupils can fully develop their individual potential. The Neue Schule Dorsten is not only a place of learning, but also a place of life.

At Neue Schule Dorsten, lessons are organised using scientifically sound methods and findings from the latest educational research. Our teachers are in constant dialogue with their colleagues to ensure the best possible educational pathways for our pupils.

We believe that learning goes beyond the classroom. That's why we offer our students a wide range of all-day programmes, from subject-related learning units to shared lunches and leisure activities.









Our history

The city of Dorsten founded a secondary school, the "Neue Schule Dorsten", in the 2018/2019 school year. It faces up to the social challenges in order to prepare pupils for an active life in a pluralistic, democratic society,

"With the Neue Schule Dorsten, we are ensuring an outstanding and individually tailored school programme for the children and young people of our town... The special feature of this school is its realisation as a UNESCO project school in a national and international network."
Tobias Stockhoff
Mayor City of Dorsten

A modern learning environment

Our classrooms are spacious, modern and equipped with the latest media technologies. In addition, specially designed learning stations offer pupils the opportunity to learn and work in a focussed environment. The all-day dining area with canteen caters for the physical well-being of our pupils.

Our educational programme

With us, every child is unique, and that is exactly how we support them. The Neue Schule Dorsten leads all pupils to their individual best possible school-leaving qualification. Through binding cooperation with other renowned schools in the city, we ensure access to the upper secondary school and thus guarantee a smooth transition to the Abitur.

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