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We are a talent school

Welcome to our talent school - a unique educational institution at the Neue Schule Dorsten! We have been given the extraordinary honour of being accepted into the exclusive circle of talent schools in North Rhine-Westphalia.

This award is only given to 25 schools of all school types in NRW and means intensive support from the Ministry. We are proud to be part of this select programme and would like to tell you more about what it means for our school and, above all, for our pupils.

In the new school year, we have been accepted into the exclusive circle of talent schools in NRW. Only 25 schools of all school types in NRW can now plan to receive intensive support from the Ministry. And we are among them!

The declared aim of the initiative is to promote educational opportunities for all children - regardless of the conditions that children bring with them from home.

A comprehensive concept had to be submitted. A selection committee set up by the ministry scrutinised the schools' concepts for quality and willingness to innovate. We were able to convince them!

More staff! More money! More training! More scientific support! More networking!

There are more Teacher and school social worker positions - The school can decide on its own responsibility which professions - in addition to teachers - it employs at the school to support the children.

The Quality of (specialised) teaching is a central and the most important task in schools. In order to further improve quality, more teachers can be recruited and trained in relation to the inclusive teaching concept. For further training there are more money of the Ministry.

The Networking with other schools also provides important impetus for the further development of the school's own profile.

The ministry supports with Scientific support and through the use of school development consultants. External experts analyse and support the teaching and educational work at our school so that the goals we strive for are effectively targeted and achieved.

The City of Dorsten ensures that the school's technical equipment is further developed and that the funds made available are used in a targeted manner so that modern teaching can be realised.

MINT orientation

The education and support of our pupils in the following subjects Mathematics, computer science and natural sciences is secured. These forward-looking subjects are of particular importance in the qualification of our pupils - regardless of whether children are aiming for an apprenticeship after year 10 or decide to take the A-levels route. Companies in Dorsten and the surrounding area are looking for well-trained young people.

Innovative concepts - we are pioneers in the (individual) Promoting talent!

Our concept of gifted and talented education breaks new ground! Pupils who stand out due to their good school performance are given intensive support. We also focus on children who have special abilities, but which are not (yet) reflected in particularly good grades. These children in particular receive our attention and special support, e.g. with "BrainStorming" - a targeted support programme in which the children are regularly challenged in class.

The Talent School provides us with further important support so that we can further develop our school concept and achieve the defined goals!

The good co-operation in our college makes all this possible.

Thanks also to the Dorsten education authority and Mayor Tobias Stockhoff for supporting our school!

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