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Special education

Welcome to our special school for exceptional children, organised by a dedicated and skilled team. At Neue Schule Dorsten, we pride ourselves on providing a unique educational environment that puts the individual needs of our pupils at the centre.

Our school profile as a UNESCO school, our innovative teaching concept and our educational approach based on the 'New Authority' are just some of the features that characterise us. We are here to nurture the talents and abilities of every child and create a supportive learning environment in which every child can thrive. Find out more about our unique special education approach and how we personalise and challenge our pupils' education.

Since the school was newly founded in the 2018/19 school year, we have been working every day to shape our school profile with our practical educational work in such a way that the basis of our thoughts and actions in line with the goals and values of UNESCO is clearly recognisable. Through our educational work, we send the children off into their and therefore our future with a high sense of responsibility.

We are a special school for special children with a strong team

Individual support/demand

During support conferences, the class teachers, together with the subject teachers and the special needs teacher, set individual learning goals for children with special educational needs and derive suitable measures. These are then discussed with the children. Working with the differentiation matrix enables individualised access to the learning material. It enables every child to work on the same subject regardless of their learning level. Children with special educational needs can take part in our gifted and talented programme if they have above-average talent.

In some of the lessons in the main subjects, the special needs teacher offers additional help and supports the pupils in their learning process. It is possible to choose suitable learning tasks at different levels for the class tests.

In the event of difficulties in the areas of visual perception, concentration, fine motor skills or memory, the special needs teacher can offer an individual learning programme during the learning station times. Phases of individual support with suitable learning and play materials offer additional help in overcoming learning obstacles.


Our room concept

The Neue Schule Dorsten has a special room concept to enable individualised and concentrated work:

Educational concept

"You are important to us and we want you to feel comfortable at school with us!"

We are present at the school and actively work with pupils to create a climate of well-being for everyone.

In the case of particularly conspicuous behaviour, the class teacher, in consultation with the subject teachers, sets an individual weekly target, which is discussed and reflected on with the pupil. We use the "reinforcement plans" method for positive reinforcement.

The children receive a reward when they reach their goal, according to individual agreement.

Specific social goals are set for everyone in the classes. Together, we consider how we can monitor the achievement of these goals, for example through observation and listening. The aspects are specifically defined here.

At the end of each teaching day, the timekeepers discuss the successful fulfilment of the target with the class and document this for all to see.

In emotionally difficult situations, the entire team at the New School works to de-escalate the situation in the form of specific agreements and counselling and enables individual strategies for dealing with negative emotions.

Depending on the situation, the pupils are offered help and clear boundaries are set to provide guidance.

The team for grades 5 & 6

The special education team: Tobias Klähn (rehabilitation teacher), Heiko Zöllner & Stefan Scholle (both special education teachers).
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