Islamic religion

"The smile is a donation" - a saying of the Prophet Muhammad.  

The focus of Islamic religious education is on familiarising students with and reflecting on the Islamic world. Faith content and practice. Peaceful coexistence and respect for all religions. Pupils should be supported on the path of their personal development towards maturity as believers and as actively shaping members of the community and society. Furthermore, the pupils should grapple with existential questions of people and society about the whence and whither, the meaning and purpose of human existence. At the same time, the personal relationship to God, to themselves and to their fellow human beings also plays an important role.

On the basis of the following content areas, which are anchored in the core curriculum for lower secondary level for comprehensive schools, students should be enabled to expand and deepen their judgement competence, action competence, methodological competence and subject competence with regard to religious topics:

  • Islamic doctrine
  • The community of prophets
  • History of the development of Islam
  • The Kuran and the Sunnah
  • Islamic religious practice
  • Responsible behaviour
  • Other religions and world views

Islamic religious education has been offered to Muslim pupils at the Neue Schule Dorsten since 2019. These are denomination-orientated religious education lessons that are offered in years six, eight and ten. This subject is assessed on the basis of the pupils' oral, written and practical performance.

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