¡Hola! - Spanish is offered as a third foreign language at the Neue Schule Dorsten from Year 9 as part of compulsory elective II, with two lessons per week.

There are many reasons for choosing additional foreign languages. Spanish is becoming increasingly important as one of the most important commercial languages in the economy. If the pupil wants to learn Spanish for education, work or out of pure interest in the language and enjoys learning languages, then Spanish could be just right for your child.

Spanish is also an important building block for your future school career. If you are interested in continuing your schooling with the aim of completing the Abitur, taking part in our Spanish lessons can make it easier to change schools after year 10.

In the course of Spanish lessons, students learn important basics of the Spanish language. Among other things, they learn

  • Introducing yourself and other people
  • Talking about hobbies and plans
  • Dialogues in restaurants, clothing shops and supermarkets
  • Compare the customs and social characteristics of Spain and Latin America with their own.
  • Get to know sights in Spain and Latin America

The Neue Schule Dorsten is also involved in an exchange programme with Spanish schools to enable a digital exchange and a visit to a Spanish school in the long term.

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