Labour studies and economics (home economics) at the Neue Schule Dorsten

Labour Studies (Home Economics) begins at the Neue Schule Dorsten in Year 5 and accompanies you throughout your entire school career up to Year 10. Later, from the seventh school year, you can choose a compulsory elective subject and also opt for the area of business and the world of work. You will then deal with the content relating to housekeeping, food and nutrition, business and marketing in even greater detail. Home economics is always taught both practically and theoretically.

The subject Home Economics (AL)

In the core area, you will deal with topics such as healthy eating, hygiene and safety in the kitchen as well as the preparation of simple food and drinks. You will learn various cutting techniques and how to operate simple kitchen appliances. In addition, food will be analysed and prepared with regard to its ingredients and a healthy diet. The storage of food and how to use it in a way that conserves resources will also be discussed. The question of how to organise one's own household plays an important role, especially in the higher grades. What work needs to be done when and how? How do I organise my household income?

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The compulsory elective subject of business and the world of work (home economics)

In the compulsory elective area, the subject of home economics is further deepened and there is a stronger theoretical examination in a real-life context. Essential foundations for later life and one's own household management are learnt here and deal with the following questions:

  • Household management: What household tasks are due and who actually carries them out (keyword: Gender care gap)?
  • How do I want to live and live later?
  • How can I recognise "good" and sustainable food? Does it contain what it says on the label?
  • How do I eat healthily and what are the differences between diets?
  • Who actually decides what I buy?

In addition to the theoretical work, individual practical elements and experiments take place in the school kitchen.

Other activities of the student council

In addition to the actual lessons, the Home Economics department also takes part in school events with waffle campaigns or provides other support with delicacies from the kitchen.

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