All-day programme at the Neue Schule Dorsten

We also offer pupils a wide range of activities outside of the actual school lessons as part of the "open all-day programme". The children can expect a wide and varied range of leisure activities. In addition to fixed working groups (AGs), there are also classic games and fun activities (so-called "open lunchtime activities") as well as the opportunity to discuss lesson content and receive support, e.g. when learning vocabulary, in the "open all-day programme".

AG offer

At the new school in Dorsten, pupils can take part in various AGs during the lunch breaks. They decide for themselves whether they want to take part in the clubs and which ones. Depending on their interests, the Neue Schule Dorsten offers various options. Those who want to be creative can, for example, make dolls, produce aeroplanes in the technology club or dance. Sports activities include football and fencing karate. Under the banner of the UNESCO concept, the school also offers clubs in which pupils are trained as mediators and UNICEF ambassadors or set up their own kiosk where only environmentally friendly products are sold. In cooperation with the nearby retirement home, our pupils also read and play together with the residents. Furthermore, the Dorsten animal shelter visits us once a week to teach our pupils how to handle dogs properly. In addition to these examples, we also offer many other clubs.

Open lunches

In addition to the AG programme, pupils have the opportunity to decide at lunchtime whether they want to take part in an open lunch programme instead of going to the school playground. They can choose between visiting the library, the games room, the exercise room or the creative room where they can do arts and crafts.

Open all-day programme

Parents can decide to enrol their children in the open all-day programme every Tuesday after school closes at 13:05. During this time, the pupils are supervised by our two all-day staff. Colouring, handicrafts and games are the main focus here. Lesson content can also be discussed on request.

A reliable all-day programme has the potential to improve children's educational opportunities and supports the compatibility of family and career.

Source: Bertelsmann Stiftung: Making better use of the potential of all-day schools (here available online)

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