Important information: Support and adaptation of school operations following recent events

Dear parents, dear pupils,

Yesterday's events have left their mark - we have already received some feedback that pupils are not feeling well and can hardly imagine how they will be able to attend school safely again.

The subject lessons for tomorrow, Friday 24.11.23, are suspended. We invite all classes to talk to their class teachers and discuss what they have experienced so that they can process it better. School psychologists are also available for your children in the classes and, if necessary, for individual counselling sessions tomorrow.

So that we can take good care of the classes, the Grades 5-7 come to school in the 1st and 2nd hour, grades 8-10 in the 3rd and 4th hour. Participation in this programme is voluntary, but we would be delighted if many children took advantage of it so that fears can be reduced, questions clarified and, if necessary, information exchanged. In this way, we also create a good framework for a slow start to the school day on Monday.

Trained school psychologists also have tips for parents so that children do not remain alone with what they have experienced. Their message: After an event like the one your children have experienced, it is normal for stress reactions to become visible. Be sure that these can initially be completely normal reactions to the abnormal event. These initial shock reactions (reactions can vary greatly from fear to repression) usually subside after three to four days. Your children need time, attention and confidence. Offer your children sufficient time and opportunities in a safe family environment to talk about what they have experienced. Listen patiently. By talking to your children about the event, you will help them to categorise their own feelings and thoughts and to come to terms with what has happened. However, please do not pressurise your child, as everyone needs time. Instead, signal to your child that you trust that you will overcome this stressful time together.

In order to also offer you as parents support and create transparency, we are planning a Parent information evening. This will take place on Wednesday, 29.11.2023 at 19.00 hrs, in the foyer of St. Ursula Realschule, Nonnenkamp 14, 46282 Dorsten will take place. Representatives of the Münster district government and the school psychology department have already confirmed their participation in this evening. We look forward to your participation!

The LEG (new date 30.11.2023) and the subject teacher consultation day (4.12.2023) have been postponed by one week.

Best regards

Susanne Bender, Headmistress

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