We have won the IQ Prize 2020 in the category "Support for the gifted"!!!

Dr Stefanie Marzian (natural scientist) and Daniela Kasche (deputy headmistress)

The Neue Schule Dorsten wins the German IQ Award in the category "Support for the highly gifted"

Every two years, Mensa in Deutschland e.V. awards the German IQ Prize. "This honorary award recognises individuals and institutions that have made a special contribution in Germany with an intelligent idea for the benefit of the general public, for the promotion or research of human intelligence or for the positive perception of intelligence in public."

We were able to accept this wonderful award today and are extremely happy about it.

We owe this award above all to Dr Stefanie Marzian (natural scientist) and Daniela Kasche (deputy headmistress), who have been particularly committed to the conceptual development and implementation of gifted education at the Neue Schule Dorsten!

What makes our gifted and talented programme so special that we won the German IQ Award 2020 and schools and parents all over Germany, not just in the Recklinghausen district, are turning to us for advice?

  1. We make an explicit distinction between academic achievement and cognitive aptitude! This means that we do not make special demands on pupils* because they already fulfil the expectations, function in the school system and therefore perform well. In the gifted and talented support programme, we challenge pupils* because they are cognitively gifted - regardless of whether they are currently able to translate their talent into academic achievement.
  2. We aspire to be an inclusive school, i.e. to create a suitable educational programme for all pupils. With the gifted and talented support programme, we are implementing inclusion for the 10% of pupils* who have significantly above-average cognitive abilities and are underchallenged in the grammar school curriculum with their fast, abstract and complex learning style. These pupils* need more than "just a project". They need their own educational programme that matches their potential - just like everyone else.
  3. We support the pupils* in the gifted and talented programme with BrainStorming coaching. Here there is room for abstract discussions and thought experiments. In BrainStorming, students discover and utilise their cognitive talents without any pressure to perform.

High achievers*, underachievers*, creative minds*, justice fanatics*, highly sensitive* and idea developers* - this is about you!

Digital information evening on 04.11.2020

Next Wednesday, 4 November, we are offering a digital information evening for all interested parents at 7 pm. Please register at info@neueschuledorsten so that we can send you the access link. We look forward to seeing new faces in the gifted and talented programme!

* everyone is welcome and addressed here: m/f/d

You can find the complete newspaper article in the Dorstener Zeitung [HERE]

You can find more information on the promotion of gifted children [HERE]



The Neue Schule Dorsten wins the German IQ Award in the category "Support for gifted children"

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