Theatre project "Peter and the Wolf - professional fairy tale 2.0." - Performance on 23.09.2023 at 19:00

The theatre play Peter and the Wolf "Career Orientation Fairy Tale 2.0" has started in year 9 at Neue Schule Dorsten. Since the 2022 summer holidays, 17 motivated pupils have been working on this project. 

Once a week, together with their project leader Mr Banneyer, Ms von Bichowski and Mr Lankheit, they prepare for a self-written play with music from "Peter and the Wolf". Their own play will be about their three-week work placement and the expectations of pupils, parents and teachers. Over the past few months, they have prepared for this with various tasks and exercises. They created various images and texts, wrote dialogues, did voice exercises, got to know each other and came up with ideas that they want to present in the theatre project. 

On 29 March 2023, the pupils had a project day that they could use entirely to prepare for the play From 7.45 am to 3 pm, they worked in three different groups. There was the music group, the design group and the acting group. In addition to creative ideas, fun and new impressions, there was also a small snack and a surprise bag. 
We have come a long way with the development of the play. We practised the first elements of the play with dialogue, drew backgrounds for the play and tested ideas. In the coming months, we will continue to prepare for the performance. 

The performance will take place on Saturday, 23 September 2023 at 7 p.m. in the Wulfen community centre. We look forward to seeing many spectators. 

Till Würzburg & Ravza Tas, Class 9f 

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