Implementation of safety and hygiene measures

Safe school attendance has been at the centre of all efforts since school restarted after the summer holidays for our pupils in Years 5, 6 and 7. We have agreed various measures to achieve the following goals:

  • Ensuring the greatest possible protection of the health of children and school employees
  • Creating a safe, binding framework for all pupils
  • Coverage of regular lessons
  • Expanding and practising distance learning

Our regulations comply with the legal requirements. We regularly adapt these regulations.

The current rules have been in force since 8 August 2020

The overview can be [HERE] can also be downloaded as a PDF.






Person responsible

Quarantine obligation or negative test when returning from risk areas that have been in quarantine for less than 14 days lies behind

Teachers check their own situation and initiate appropriate measures (quarantine, test) if necessary

Identification of students - if necessary, quarantine of students without a negative test if the return from a risk area was less than 14 days lies - possible exclusion from face-to-face teaching (distance learning takes its place!)

Info by SL


Questioning of the children by KL - Documentation of the countries travelled to -

School attendance is compulsory - pupils with a pre-existing medical condition or pupils living in a household with a person at risk may be exempted from attending classes but not from distance learning.

Parental application required, medical certificate if necessary

KL always informs SL

Possibility of corona tests for school staff - odd week via GP

See school email with form dated 3.8.20

Each for himself personally according to his own assessment


Use of the Corona-Warn-App is recommended - also for pupils, parents etc.

No participation in the classroom if children show symptoms of illness (will be changed if necessary, concretised) - always with prior information to parents!!!

If you have a cold, suspend school attendance for 24 hours - only if no further symptoms occur within the 24 hours can the SSchool attendance can be resumed

Inform parents first

Have the child picked up, or with

Released home with parental consent

all learning forces

Mask requirement

Basic obligation to wear masks at least until 31.08.20 (MSB regulation !!)

Masks must be worn by all persons on the school premises, in all corridors and also in lessons - including in the staff room/team room etc. Teachers can take off their masks in the classroom if the distance to all pupils isind. 1.5 metres. Pupils can be dropped off if this distance is also secured.


Please note that masks are compulsory on the bus!!!

All teachers


Parents are obliged to provide mouth and nose protection for children. Schools keep emergencyon (costs are borne by the parents)


Teachers provide information on the hygienic handling of masks


Exception only with medical certificate

Staggered start/end of lessons, also to avoid overcrowded buses.

Teachers collect the pupils from the respective assembly points

Year 5 7.45 a.m. - 12.15 p.m.

Year 6 8.15 am - 12.45 pm

Year 7 8.30 am - 1.00 pm

Teacher currently responsible

Markings a,b,c,d,e,f in the schoolyard

Information and instruction of the Pupils and students

Entire class is taught without distance

No contact with other classes (with exceptions: diff lessons, gifted and talented classes), as no longer necessary as a safety measure.

Fixed seatSeats - documentation of the seats

Rules are discussed repeatedly and visualised in the classroom

Positive mediation!

Documentation by KL - no seat exchange by FL!!!

Hand hygiene

Washing your hands - if not possible sanitise your hands.

Hand washing is generally replaced by hand sanitising!

Students can sanitise their hands before or when entering the building


Instructors ensure that disinfectants are available in the classroom, If necessary, the children should have the opportunity to sanitise their hands in the school playground. Jew. Teacher ensures that D-agent is available at the end of the teaching day under lock and key is coming!

Responsibility of the respective teacher

Classes stay "among themselves"


Integrated break, i.e. teacher goes into the break with the children

Teacher responsible (student break is working time)

School social work support break supervision


Deployment of teachers

If possible only in one year and in as few learning groups as possible


Documentation of student attendance

Every child has a fixed seat.

No changes - if necessary after consultation with KL


Meticulous documentation in the class register or course booklet

each, teachersKL also checks and records the data for each hour during the course of the day.

Kiosk operation

from 17.08.20

Time-delayed by year group, within the year groups children from one class are in the queue... only then do children from the next follow Class

Disinfect hands before entering the canteen

All teachers of a year group, classes are accompanied to the canteen by a teacher from each year group


ahead. from 24.8.

Offer if applicable At the end of the morning - fixed table in the canteen for each class (also possible if the end is delayed) Pupils leave the school building independently after eating their meals

Establishment of supervision/accompaniment by all-day supervisor/teacher

Teachingat a distance

Students who are in quarantine receive distance learning

Learning times are organised as distance learning - also in preparation for a possible lockdown

Digital distance learning is provided if technical equipment is guaranteed

Applied load forces

Digital devices for teachers and pupils

State secures funding for teachers and pupils. Equipment is owned by the school authorities and is made available - pupils must Prove neediness


Additional support hour to compensate for the loss of lessons during lockdown from March to May

Noted in the timetable

Specialist teachers employed

Physical education

no contact sport

Outdoor sports until the autumn holidays

School authorities ensure that the sports hall can be sufficiently ventilated

Hand hygiene after the Sp-U is important



Music lessons/ singing

No singing in closed rooms


Lunchtime supervision for pupils in years 5 and 6

Parents can enrol their children if they apply for them on Mon, Wed and Fri and possibly also on Tues

Enquiry by SL via KL to the parents

Full-time employees

School social work

Learning times

Within "learning at a distance"


Lessons in mixed groups (e.g. diff subject)

Always document attendance!!!

Always document and keep for at least 4 weeks, even in care groups

Specialist teacher

All-day care

Use of teaching methods

All methods can be used in the classroom if the mask is worn or the minimum distance is maintained - None! Restriction to frontal teaching

Use of the learning station as a rule Not possible, as there is no supervision and the obligation to wear a mask cannot be checked

All teachers



Agreement between GFR and Lerhkraft

Ventilation of the rooms

Ensure regular attendance every 15-30 minutes if possible - Pupils must not be allowed to touch the open Stay at the windows

Instruction of the pupils by the class teacher and teacher

End of lessons

Accompanying pupils to the school playground... Bus stop supervision

If necessary, the bus stop supervisor ends the lesson early enough to ensure that the supervisor (in accompaniment of the own learning group) can start on time -

No learning group is dismissed too early, otherwise supervision is not guaranteed

Gong is suspended


Observe the start and end times by the respective L forces

Documentation Contacts to Colleagues

Please destroy old documentation (as it is older than 2 weeks) Please keep new documentation - also record contacts with other (non-school) persons


Each teacher, use form, keep in the JG room

Personal hygiene

Pupils willn instructed

Teachers also observe these rules for themselves personally - hands are sanitised when entering the school building. Workstations, e.g. PCs or photocopiers, are also disinfected

Every teacher

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