The SV of the Neue Schule Dorsten
introduces itself

What is the SV?

Each class elects two class representatives. They have many important tasks. These include regular meetings with the "Student representation", and the abbreviation for this is "SV".

What does the SV of the Neue Schule Dorsten do?

The SV meets at regular intervals in a SV meeting. The aim is for the students to represent the rights and interests of the entire student body at our school. Various Themes discussed. Individual class representatives can submit their suggestions and Wishesthat they collected in the class council.

The class representatives elect the student representatives and a deputy every school year. The SV also elects the so-called SV teachers. They then support our pupils with questions and concerns.

The SV also plans special activities at our school, such as the St Nicholas sale on 6 December, the sale of roses on Valentine's Day or the sugar cones for Eid. Another special event at our school is the Starch daywhich takes place approximately every 3 months. Here, all pupils are honoured for special achievements in a festive setting in the assembly hall.

What does the SV of the Neue Schule Dorsten do?

You can contact your elected class representatives at any time. They will then pass on your concerns to us teachers and present them to the entire committee at the next student council meeting. Together we will try to find solutions. But even if there are individual problems or Conflicts the members of the SV are your contact persons and will work with you to find Solutions.

You can also contact your SV teachers yourself at any time or write a Mail to:

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