English Go! - Maths Plus - 3D (German, Poetry & Thinking)

Parallel to the regular lessons in the main subjects English, maths and German cognitively clearly above-average gifted and highly gifted pupils learn in the groups English Go!MathsPlus and 3D.

  • High, individualised learning pace
  • smaller learning groups
  • throughout all year groups
  • naturally in compliance with school law
  • Methodology and didactics adapted to clearly above-average and highly gifted pupils
  • Support beyond the grammar school level through problem-orientated, complex and creative tasks
  • Project-based work: Deep, abstract and networked learning

Concentrated work, teamwork, modern equipment and challenging tasks - current pictures from the Maths Plus, English Go and 3D groups! In Maths Plus, maths games are currently being developed to match the current subject matter and ciphering options in cryptology are being tested. Social science topics are being worked on in English Go! In line with our school's UNESCO concept, the current focus is on the origin of food in our globalised world - in English, of course.

Master MINT

During their time at the maths learning station, pupils can also take part in the Master MINT programme of the Institute for Youth Management Foundation Heidelberg. A Individualised learning pace and a High standard are therefore guaranteed.

We let five be straight
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