The Neue Schule Dorsten chooses its winner of the reading competition

The last few days have been very exciting in the 6th grade German lessons, as the respective class winners of the reading competition were sought. In the class decision all pupils had to present a book and read out a passage of their choice. But in the end, there could only be one winner per class and there was a particularly exciting item on the programme for them today. The entire 6th grade went together to the VHS forum to determine the winner of the New School Dorsten reading competition. The jury consisted of the headmistress Mrs Bender, the special needs teacher Mr Zöllner, the integration worker Mrs Lapsien and the pupil representative Muhammed. They all listened attentively to the individual contributions from selected youth books. In addition to their own text, the pupils also had to read a passage from an external text. These were selected passages from the classic children's book "The Robber Hotzenplotz" by Otfried Preussler.

Annika Tobias from class 6e narrowly won the competition. She had presented an extract from the latest volume of Warrior Cats. Annika will therefore be competing for Neue Schule Dorsten in the city round at the beginning of next year. We wish her every success in this endeavour!

Class winners of the reading competition

The class winners: Mats (6b), Annika (school winner, 6e), Manon (6d), Laura (6c), Esma-Nur (6a)

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