Greetings to "our" parents

Baking waffles for maths lessons?

Thank you dear parents!!!!!

The children have not been able to attend school for three weeks. Not only that, but the children and parents also had to "stay at home" due to health and safety issues. A huge challenge for the whole family!

We also think of you as parents. We know that you are also facing many challenges: Answering the children's questions that keep them busy, your own worries about the future that put a powerful damper on your mood or the many sad news stories from around the world that leave no one cold.

And then there was the task of supporting the children with their schoolwork. It was important for us to maintain contact with the children - but we also didn't want them to lose the "school routine" completely. So there were tasks for different subjects. Many children actively took part and reported their results back to the teachers. There were some great results to marvel at. It was nice when some parents had the "nerve" to support the waffle baking - one task in maths was: "Calculate how much waffle batter you need if there are 6 guests instead of 4. If you feel like it, you can try out the recipe! Have fun and bon appétit".

Now it's time for the holidays - which are so different from usual. We'll stick it out together and hope that it won't be so long before we meet again at school. There are still tasks on the homepage that the children can (but don't have to) do during the holidays.

As soon as we know how lessons will continue after the holidays, we will publish this on our homepage.

Best regards - Your team at the Neue Schule Dorsten 

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