Parallel to regular lessons the BrainStorming project day takes place once a month for all pupils in the gifted and talented support programme. BrainStorming is an accompanying coaching programme for particularly cognitively gifted pupils. The focus is on analysing their own cognitive talents and on the natural sciences.

The intellectually gifted pupils differ greatly from the average. In the BrainStorming groups, they enjoy the pleasure of being among their peers and therefore "normal". Creative solutions, thought experiments, word games, complex questions and abstract discussions have space here. Pupils should discover, experience and utilise their intellectual abilities. The Joy and the Amazement are more important to BrainStorming than performance. 

Thought processes, typical BrainStorming, typical "outside of the box"...

"What happens when I tap the table with the pen? Why can you hear that?"

"They make the air vibrate!" (Jan, 5c)

"Can I see the board? How can my eyes perceive it?"

"We see the reflection of the light." (Marvin, 5b)

"The sun is at the centre of the solar system."

"How do we know that? Is it safe?" (Lenny, 5c)

What are the differences between talent and performance? Why is this important for us? Can a child be gifted even if they don't perform? Are there children who don't have the chance to show their talent? We are also UNESCO and take a look beyond the horizon in our globalised world, e.g. to Bangladesh and China, and deal with opportunities, possibilities, freedom and pressure. Is achievement at any price worth striving for? Why do we perform or not? What is cognitive talent and what other talents are there? What is "IQ"? And can it be measured objectively? What talents do I have? What can I do with them? And are there children who are gifted in a completely different way to me? How do children and young people with a disability experience this question? In BrainStorming for years 5 and 6, heads are spinning!

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