Gifted promotion with a concept

At Neue Schule Dorsten, we value the diversity of our pupils' gifts and talents. Everyone is welcome here, regardless of their individual intellectual abilities. 

We have developed a special concept for those who clearly excel in their cognitive abilities: Challenge. This programme enables highly gifted children and young people to learn in their own unique way - more deeply, more abstractly and at a pace that meets their needs.

At Neue Schule Dorsten, we always show people appreciation and respect. We understand that differences between people are normal. Naturally, we welcome people whose intellectual abilities differ significantly from the majority. Children and young people who are clearly above average cognitively and highly gifted learn differently, more deeply and more abstractly. With the concept CHALLENGE  we make these pupils* an adequate offer.

Cognitively above average and highly gifted students* have special cognitive abilities, e.g:

This is naturally noticeable in everyday life and at school. Gifted education is therefore an important part of our inclusive school concept. We offer inclusion - for everyone!

AdequateWe offer lessons above grammar school level in or parallel to regular lessons.

Excellent: The HerausForderung concept was honoured with the German IQ Award 2020 - find out more [HERE]

Inclusive and fairTo give all pupils* a fair chance, the CFT 20-R test is used to measure fluid intelligence. The pupils* with the highest scores are selected. "CF" stands for "culture fair", so that children are not disadvantaged by a lack of knowledge of the German language or culture.

ProfessionalWe focus on further education and networking! 2 members of staff are willing to study for a Master's degree in integrative gifted and talented education.

Networked: We inform gifted pupils* and their parents about the Mensa in Deutschland e. V. association. The pupils* can easily take part in local activities for children, young people and families. We support gifted pupils* with registration on request.

Specifically: As part of our gifted and talented programme, we offer regular lessons with the Differentiation matrixas well as participation in English Go! , Maths Plus / Master MINT, 3D (German: Dichten & Denken) and the accompanying coaching BrainStorming. BrainStorming takes place as a monthly project day for the participating pupils*. Projects and participation in competitions round off the concept.

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Further information (FAQ)

  • To find out why a special cognitive talent does not necessarily have to be reflected in particularly good grades at school, read [HERE].
  • The conceptual approach of CHALLENGE, testing with the CFT 20-R and basic definitions on the subject of cognitive aptitude can be found at [HERE].
  • You can find the team of the gifted and talented programme here [HERE].
  • Find out from pupils*, parents and teachers* in the video!
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